Lulusar Wonder Women
Lulusar Wonder Women

Lulusar Wonder Women

Where there is a woman, there is a wonder. Lulusar’s ideology resonates with this very thought and endeavours to change the narrative that the glass ceiling they keep talking about breaking, does not exist in the first place. There is nothing that women can’t do and we bear witness to it. Women are reclaiming their space in the public and professional sphere and we are here to celebrate those strong, passionate, brave, resilient, and intelligent women.

Maham Shiraz

A lawyer by profession and an off-road rally racer by passion, Mahum’s story is awe-inspiring and worth sharing under the title of Lulusar’s Wonder Girl. As much as Maham takes pride in her ability to draw reasonable arguments in court, she equally enjoys driving off-road hauling through the deserts on rough terrains. She has proved her mettle in multiple tournaments in Gwadar and Cholistan. Maham has been unstoppable despite a near-death experience and aspires to drive to the farthest of her potential.


Sana Khurshid

Sana is the epitome of resilience. As she shares her story with us, we could not help laud her unvanquished courage. Her ill-fated accident did not demoralize her but only propelled her forwards. She made her vulnerability her strength. She is not only able but an enabler too. Having experienced the tragedy, she finds herself more informed and responsible than ever to voice those who are differently abled, just like her. A lawyer and an activist by profession, Sana has devoted herself to paving the way for the less privileged and creating equal opportunities for them.

Tent-pegging Team

Pakistan’s first-ever international tent-pegging female team is an example of women reclaiming their space in sports. Playing a game that has primarily been known as a men’s game, came with its own challenges but our wonder girls knew no bounds. Driven by their unparallel determination, these fantastic four have only raised the bar higher and proven to the world that nothing is beyond your reach once you aim for it. Lulusar feels honoured to design and make suits for such outstanding performers.

Ridda Zahra Naqvi

Lulusar had the pleasure of Ridda Zahra Naqvi’s presence at its headquarters. Ridda has become Pakistan's first beauty YouTuber with Down syndrome and has proved to the world that an extra chromosome has only made her more loveable. She represents a lot of individuals like her that remain unnoticed on mainstream media and are hardly celebrated. She is a source of inspiration to many, and has taught many valuable lessons about perseverance and maintaining a positive attitude despite facing incredible challenges.


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