Our summer-friendly airweave fabric presents an essence of comfort and innovation. Its breathable nature keeps you cool, fresh and relaxed all day long. It's light weight adds to your comfort, while its soft touch and flowy drape makes it ideal for fashionable summer outfits.

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Evoking experiences through scent. Lulusar has decided to bring experiences from north through our scented candles.   Scents have the ability to transport us across time and space.

Lulusar’s scented candles hold an aroma, woven with the memory of gentle rolling hills of Deosai carpeted with purple flowers of lavender, cozy log cabin in the mountains, the sumptuous red pomegranates from Kashmir and jewel blue streams in the forests up north.

Serenity Scents

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One of the best Pakistani clothing brand. Love each and every collection.

Your dresses are so elegant and comfy, I have like seven of them in my wardrobe right now.

Thanks to Lulusar, I was finally able to find my size in a jumpsuit.

I was looking for afforable western-like dresses. Thank you! Love the skirt options.

Lulusar’s philosophy centres around fit and comfort. We want to make sure that women know our clothes are made for them. Our designs are made to make women feel comfortable regardless of their body colour, shape and size. With earth-friendly, cutting-edge apparel for women-on-the-go, our products are made to perfection while observing the highest ethical standards.